Monday, July 29, 2013

Scattergories Lists 1-18


1. A boy’s name

2. A river
3. An animal
4. Things that are cold
5. Insects
6. TV Shows
7. Things that grow
8. Fruits
9. Things that are black
10. School subjects
11. Movie titles
12. Musical Instruments


1. Authors
2. Bodies of water
3. A bird
4. Countries
5. Cartoon characters
6. Holidays
7. Things that are square
8. In the NWT (Northwest Territories, Canada)
9. Clothing
10. A relative
11. Games
12. Sports Stars


1. School supplies
2. Things that are hot
3. Heroes
4. A girl’s name
5. Fears
6. TV Stars
7. Colors
8. A fish
9. Fruits
10. Provinces or States
11. Sports equipment
12. Tools


1. Breakfast foods
2. Gifts
3. Flowers
4. Ice cream flavors
5. A drink
6. Toys
7. Cities
8. Things in the kitchen
9. Ocean things
10. Nicknames
11. Hobbies
12. Parts of the body


1. Sandwiches
2. Items in a catalog
3. World leaders/Poloticians
4. School subjects
5. Excuses for being late
6. Ice cream flavors
7. Things that jump/bounce
8. Television stars
9. Things in a park
10. Foriegn cities
11. Stones/Gems
12. Musical instruments


1. Nicknames
2. Things in the sky
3. Pizza toppings
4. Colleges/Universities
5. Fish
6. Countries
7. Things that have spots
8. Historical Figures
9. Something you’re afraid oF
10. Terms of endearment
11. Items in this room
12. Drugs that are abused



1. Fictional characters
2. Menu items
3. Magazines
4. Capitals
5. Kinds of candy
6. Items you save up to buy
7. Footware
8. Something you keep hidden
9. Items in a suitcase
10. Things with tails
11. Sports equiptment
12. Crimes


1. Things that are sticky
2. Awards/ceremonies
3. Cars
4. Spices/Herbs
5. Bad habits
6. Cosmetics/Toiletries
7. Celebrities
8. Cooking utensils
9. Reptiles/Amphibians
10. Parks
11. Leisure activities
12. Things you’re allergic to


1. Restaurants
2. Notorious people
3. Fruits
4. Things in a medicine cabinet
5. Toys
6. Household chores
7. Bodies of water
8. Authors
9. Halloween costumes
10. Weapons
11. Things that are round
12. Words associated with exercise


1. Sports
2. Song titles
3. Parts of the body
4. Ethnic foods
5. Things you shout
6. Birds
7. A girl’s name
8. Ways to get from here to there
9. Items in a kitchen
10. Villains
11. Flowers
12. Things you replace


1. Baby foods
2. Famous duos and trios
3. Things found in a desk
4. Vacation spots
5. Diseases
6. Words associated with money
7. Items in a vending machine
8. Movie Titles
9. Games
10. Things you wear
11. Beers
12. Things at a circus


1. Vegetables
2. States
3. Things you throw away
4. Occupations
5. Appliances
6. Cartoon characters
7. Types of drinks
8. Musical groups
9. Store names
10. Things at a football game
11. Trees
12. Personality traits


1. Video games
2. Electronic gadgets
3. Board games
4. Things that use a remote
5. Card games
6. Internet lingo
7. Offensive words
8. Wireless things
9. Computer parts
10. Software
11. Websites
12. Game terms



1. Things in a grocery store
2. Reasons to quit your job
3. Things that have stripes
4. Tourist attractions
5. Diet foods
6. Things found in a hospital
7. Food/Drink that is green
8. Weekend Activities
9. Acronyms
10. Seafood
11. Christmas songs
12. Words ending in “-n”


1. Words with double letters
2. Children’s books
3. Things found at a bar
4. Sports played outdoors
5. Names used in songs
6. Foods you eat raw
7. Places in Europe
8. Olympic events
9. Things you see at the zoo
10. Math terms
11. Animals in books or movies
12. Things to do at a party



1. Kinds of soup
2. Things found in New York
3. Things you get tickets for
4. Things you do at work
5. Foreign words used in English
6. Things you shouldn’t touch
7. Spicy foods
8. Things at a carnival
9. Things you make
10. Places to hangout
11. Animal noises
12. Computer programs


1. Honeymoon spots
2. Things you buy for kids
3. Things that can kill you
4. Reasons to take out a loan
5. Words associated with winter
6. Things to do on a date
7. Historic events
8. Things you store items in
9. Things you do everyday
10. Things you get in the mail
11. Things you save up to buy
12. Things you sit/on



1. Reasons to make a phone call
2. Types of weather
3. Titles people can have
4. Things that have buttons
5. Items you take on a road trip
6. Things that have wheels
7. Reasons to call 911
8. Things that make you smile
9. Ways to kill time
10. Things that can get you fired
11. Hobbies
12. Holiday Activities

Ghetto Scattergories

My roommate and I were sitting at home one night, wanting to play Scattergories. The problem was that we were broke. Our decision was to look for the actual Scattergories lists online (which proved to be a quite grueling task, to say the least), look for the instructions, and make our own, homemade version of the game using whatever we had at hand. So I am going to give you instructions on how to play Scattergories at home for free and make it a lot easier on anybody who finds themselves in the same predicament as we did.

First. One of the hardest things for us to do was to find the actual lists online that Scattergories uses. I ended up doing a ton of copying, pasting, and editing and eventually put together a full 18 list word document. So I am going to save you a ton of time and post my lists on here for you to copy. :) I will post them as either one follow-up entry or as 18 individual entries and then all you have to do is to copy and paste them onto your computer and print them out if you would like.

Second. The actual Scattergories game comes with an 18-sided die with one letter of the alphabet representing each side (the letters "Q", "U", "V", "X", "Y", and "Z" are NOT included on the die). So what we did was to cut out 18 squares of paper (each representing every other letter not listed above), and put them in a container. We then shake the container and take turns picking a letter out for each game (this represents the die).

Third. You will also need a timer. The actual game comes with a timer that can be adjusted for one, two, or three minutes. We use the timers on our cellphones and usually set them for three minutes but any type of timing device will do.

Lastly. If you do not know the instructions, then follow this: Pull the lists I have posted for you up on your computer or use the printed paper. Start out with "List 1" and work your way down to 18. For each list, you or another player will draw a letter out of the container. You will have your choice of one, two, or three minutes to come up with as many words that start with that letter for each of the twelve categories. Once the timer goes off, you just count and compare how many words that you got for each category with the other player/'s. If they came up with the same word as you then that word doesn't count toward your score. Whoever has the most words per list that start with the letter that you drew at the beginning wins that round. Also, you can only use a particular word once for each list. Even if it's in another category. Let's say perhaps you listed the word "oranges" in "things that grow" and also in the "fruits" section: you could only count one of those as a point.